I WILL Steal Your Easter Eggs.

It is almost the end of Lent and I can’t tell you how happy I am that Easter is this Sunday. As you may recall, I made the pledge to follow a vegan diet for the duration. Let me say this; there has been no end of delicious food to eat the other weekend, for... Read more...'

Running Away from Winter.

I don’t have to tell you folks that this winter is getting long. Yesterday, when I was scraping the accumulated ice off the car in the freezing rain, or later, when I was bent against the head wind, snow assaulting my face, my spirits were understandably low.... Read more...'

Honey, I Broke the Kids!

In my defense, I didn’t know that snark was a communicable disease. See, our oldest son has been driving Hubby crazy lately, due to his tendency to answer any and all spoken statements with a smart-aleck comeback.  Exasperated with the non-stop barrage of... Read more...'

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