Make Mine Pink.

You know, there is some crazy shit being proposed out there. Cray-zee. If you pay even the briefest moment’s attention to politics, it seems like folks are losing their ever-loving minds. Even the shortest exposure to the barrage of hateful nattering out there... Read more...'

Dear Diary, This is Getting Old.

I know people who collect and read their old journals. Not me. I’m of the mind that it would be better if I just burned them. Not because they are incriminating or embarrassing (though, of course, they are.) No, I would like to burn them all, because I hate the... Read more...'

Marathon Season is almost here! Joy!

Friends, I am so very, very stoked. This is the very best part of my running season–those weeks when it’s just a wee bit too early to start training for real, but close enough to spend large parts of my day just thinking about how great it’s going to... Read more...'

What, Me Worry?

I got inordinately excited the other day, when I saw a McDonald’s fillet-o-fish commercial. “Oh boy!” I said to Hubby, “Lent must be coming!” (I don’t know about you, but my mom would bring home sacks of fillet-o-fish on Fridays; it... Read more...'

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