Mission Impossible.

This is exactly how I get into trouble. Last night, right when I thought that I really, no, really needed to go to bed right now (!) I decided to take a quick, clicky stroll through the interwebs…because that always leads straight to bed, right? I ended up on... Read more...'

Back To the Future.

I was listening to my favorite talk radio station the other day, hoping to expand my knowledge of current events, newsworthy science breakthroughs and…okay, fine. Y’all know me by now. It was the celebrity gossip station. Happy? Anyhoo, the topic was... Read more...'

I Resolve to Finish this Post.

Yaaaayyy! We survived winter break and the kids are blessedly, thankfully, mercifully back in school. This harkens in not only the return to twenty-four hour adult supervision (hooray!) but a return to some sort of predictable schedule. A perfect time to really hit... Read more...'

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