I am an e-mess.

Technology leaves me befuddled. Thursday night, I spent the better part of the evening cussing out my failing printer and then attempted to fix it through the brilliant technique of staring gloomily at it for 35 minutes, pushing random bits with a pencil and... Read more...'

Raindrops on Roses…

I just finished Nora Ephron’s book, I Remember Nothing, a series of essays on aging. It was hugely amusing and not at all alarming. Not even given the fact that lately I have started to ask my business partner to “Please pass me the….” and then... Read more...'

I Heart John Cusack

Did everyone have a happy Valentine’s Day? We did. And for once, I thought I had the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for hubby. Nothing expensive or flashy or requiring a time commitment or that would take up a lot of space or that would clutter up the house... Read more...'

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