Knock, Knock… who’s there?

Reverb broads #7 Who or what makes you laugh so hard that milk shoots out of your nose and why?(Thanks Kassie!) What has red hair, two thumbs and cracks me up?This gal.Behold! Miss Teen Wonder in all her wisenheimer glory. When the child isn’t driving me crazy... Read more...'

Easy Peasy Reverb Post.

Fun Reverb Broads post today! Without further ado;Ten things I will never, not ever, do.Pee in front of my husband.Talk about sex with my mother.Own a dog.Lie about my age. (42)Regret marrying my husband.Choose a soak in a tub over a hot shower.Come home without... Read more...'

How to choose… how to choose…?

Day two of Reverb Broads and todays prompt is another with oh, so very many options to choose from:What is the stupidest thing you’ve done this year? How about in your whole life?Seriously. Pull up a chair.I’m not sure about my whole life. I’m 42... Read more...'

What Day is it?

Lord almighty, It’s done! National Novel Writing month is over for another year and I, for one, would just like to say– don’t let the door hit you in the butt, NaNoWriMo!Don’t misunderstand, I am beyond happy that I did it. For years I’ve... Read more...'

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