Time out for mommy.

I’ve got a problem: how to reprimand a wayward 6 year-old, in a manner that isn’t in reality a punishment for me? I’ve got this little one, I’ve mentioned him before, who is hell bent on asserting his dominance over the household. That’s... Read more...'


Okay, here’s kind of a secret. Well, not a secret really, just something that I do without really examining it too closely. Kind of like night-time snacking. Sure, I know I do it and it’s probably not the best thing for me, but I just sort of divert my... Read more...'

No. YOU shut up.

What do you do when the mom is crabby? I mean seriously, absolutely crabby? I just spent an hour slumped in my favorite chair, arms crossed, bottom lip out, pouting. Yes, pouting. Just kind of hanging out and waiting for the opportunity to yell “No. YOU shut... Read more...'

The things I do for my kids….

I’m writing this on the upper deck seating area of an enormous hotel waterpark…a generous gift from my sister and her husband. The kids are having a ball. And not just my kids; there are probably 500 offspring running and yelling around this place. Oh,... Read more...'

What’s for lunch?

I’m fighting a dangerous mental habit. With five kids and a small business I am constantly beset with errands that I urgently need to do RIGHT NOW and find myself desperately wishing huge chunks of my life away. “If I can just make it through this... Read more...'

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